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We are increasingly living longer lives thanks to better lifestyle habits, medical advances, and shifts in the way we work. To go along with that, many possibilities have opened up for us. We’re getting married later, traveling more, and switching careers. What used to be the province of youth is now wide open. However, what hasn’t changed is that our bodies continue to take on the appearance of aging even as we don’t seem to be slowing down as soon as we used to.

Everyone wants to feel younger. And while living an active lifestyle can help accomplish this, sometimes we wish we could change what we see in the mirror. Luckily, there are many treatments available that can help you attain a more youthful appearance. What you may not be aware of is that your urogynecologist may actually be able to provide a variety of anti-aging services that can help you look refreshed without the need for excessively invasive procedures. Often it’s the idea of surgery that puts many people off from undergoing treatments that could help them achieve their goals.

Here are some of the procedures you may want to ask your urogynecologist about to help you hold back time.

Vampire facial

Don’t let the name put you off. A vampire facial has nothing to do with Twilight. But, it does have something to do with your body’s plasma found in your blood, hence the name. Yes, you’re using something your body already produces to promote regeneration. It’s a pretty interesting concept and uses PRP technology.

It begins like a blood test would. A very small amount (a couple teaspoons worth) of blood is taken from your arm. This blood is then put through a centrifuge in order to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood. Substances that promote growth and healing are then added to these isolated platelets to create the treatment solution.

Once the solution is completed, it is then reinjected into the body with the use of the microneedling process which employs ultra-fine needles to reintroduce the blood with minimal discomfort. Unlike with many cosmetic procedures, the results are visible nearly instantly. You’ll notice volume added to your face, especially in areas where there are wrinkles or folds. Over the next few weeks, you’ll actually notice more volume which will result in facial skin looking younger, tighter, healthier, clearer, and toned. You can say goodbye to sagging skin. Most people who undergo a vampire facial can enjoy these visible results for about a year to fifteen months.

Non-surgical neck lift

As we get older, the skin begins to droop and sag. This is an inevitable result of aging as the fat that occurs in our faces during our younger years begins to dissipate. Many people would love to have that drooping skin tightened for a more youthful appearance. However, that has traditionally required going under the knife. If the thought of an invasive procedure is off-putting to you, you were out of luck for many years. Now, non-surgical neck lifts are available. Ultherapy is currently the only FDA-approved non-invasive procedure for tightening the skin in the neck and lower face.

Much like with the vampire facial, your body gets stimulated to produce more self-healing collagen to give your skin a tighter and more youthful appearance. Instead of a scalpel, ultrasound technology is used. We see this in many different cosmetic procedures these days. Focused energy is used to stimulate the deep skin cells so that they repair themselves.

Cellulite reduction

Many women inevitably develop cellulite as they age. There are many procedures available that claim to be able to reduce it. In the past, many probably thought liposuction was the way to go. Now, we have more non-invasive procedures available to us. You’ll want to ask your doctor what specific cellulite reduction procedure they offer, as there are a few FDA approved treatments on the market now. Many of them use various combinations of laser energy, radiofrequencies, heat, or cold to kill fat cells and stimulate the skin cells to heal as the dead fat cells are reabsorbed by the body. The common thread throughout many of these anti-aging treatments is that your body gets prepped to do a lot of the work itself naturally to reduce the signs of aging.


You deserve to not only feel your best but to look your best as well. Often, the two go hand in hand as improving your self-confidence can go a long way to making you feel better overall. If you’re interested in anti-aging treatments so your body can match how young you feel, then it’s time to speak with your doctor about what procedures would be right for you. Contact us today. The team at UroGyn Specialists of Florida is here to provide you with the care and services you need so you can get back your youthful appearance.