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Some types of vaginal discharge are normal, but patients should always see a urogynecologist to make sure. Orlando, Lake Mary, and Kissimmee residents can call UroGyn Specialists of Florida for prompt and experienced treatment.

What Is Normal Vaginal Discharge?2019-07-12T12:58:46+00:00

Normal vaginal discharge is generally fairly thin and is clear or white in color. The body normally produces a small quantity of this normal discharge (about a single teaspoon) every day.
The discharge may be slightly thinner or slightly thicker depending on the stage of the cycle. For example, during ovulation, the discharge may be slightly thinner, while it may thicken just before the onset of the period.

What Is Abnormal Vaginal Discharge?2019-07-12T12:59:36+00:00

For vaginal discharge that doesn’t fit into the normal category, it is important to see an experienced doctor as soon as possible. Abnormal discharge may be an indicator that an infection or disease is present. In most cases, infection or disease will require some type of treatment, so prompt attention to the situation is important before it gets worse. Some of the common types of abnormal vaginal discharge include: any discharge that is present at the same time as burning or itching, any discharge that has a bad odor, a thick discharge that is white or gray, a very thin gray discharge, a discharge that appears to have pus or mucus in it, a yellow or green discharge, or a discharge that is lumpy and thick. Each type of discharge may indicate a different infection or disease. It is very important for patients to be as honest with their doctor as possible. A very clear and detailed description of the discharge is extremely useful in creating the correct diagnosis. Once the doctor has made a diagnosis, there are effective treatments that can be prescribed for most causes of abnormal vaginal discharge.

What Purpose Does Vaginal Discharge Serve?2019-07-12T13:00:26+00:00

Vaginal discharge is produced by the vagina and cervix in an effort to help keep the vagina clean. Regular small amounts of vaginal discharge are an indicator of a healthy vagina.

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