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When a woman thinks about the gynecologist, she often thinks about all of the mandatory check-ups and visits she’s had to make since the time she was a teenager. After all, it’s important to stay on top of one’s health. There are many reasons why you should regularly make appointments with your gynecologist. It could be what saves your life. There are many different medical conditions that your gynecologist could be the first line of defense against. That’s why preventative care should be everyone’s priority.

However, your gynecologist offers many more services and treatments beyond preventative care and reproductive health issues. Your relationship with your doctor can and should also go into the realm of your emotional health. This is especially true because your emotional health is often tied to your physical condition. How you feel about your body can greatly influence how happy you are. While self-consciousness with one’s body can be an issue at any age, as one gets older there may be increased intimacy issues that affect quality of life. This is where your gynecologist can help. If you haven’t been feeling good about your body, it’s time to become familiar with cosmetic gynecology.

Cosmetic gynecology

Cosmetic gynecology developed as a response to women looking for solutions to the physical effects of the huge amount of stress they experience over the course of their lives. Physical changes can occur just from aging, but life events like childbirth and menopause can also play a major part. These physical changes can cause their sexual confidence to diminish. That’s why cosmetic gynecology is the answer for women looking to improve their vaginal health and appearance. Stop suffering through painful intercourse and feeling self-conscious about your physical appearance. There are a variety of procedures that fall under the umbrella of cosmetic gynecology. Be sure to talk to your doctor to learn more and find out which procedure(s) would be right for you. Let’s look at a few.


A labiaplasty targets a few areas. The surgery addresses issues of the labia majora, labia minora, and hood of the clitoris. Excess skin is removed in order to create a more youthful and neat appearance. The appearance of the outer labia lips can change over time, though some women may be uncomfortable with them from a young age. One common reason why appearances would change with age is childbirth. Having a child can cause the labia minora to darken, sag, and become larger. Issues aren’t purely aesthetic, however. You may be suffering from discomfort when wearing tight clothing or experiencing painful sex. No matter the cause of your appearance, you may be a good candidate for the labiaplasty procedure.

Typically, there is no kind of age limit to who qualifies. Generally, though, the rules for most surgical procedures apply. Those in overall good health make the best candidates. Recovery periods are relatively short. You can resume all normal activity within four to six weeks. You would only need to miss maybe a few days of work.


There are many reasons why a woman would be interested in a hymenoplasty procedure. In this procedure, the hymen is “restored” surgically. Hymenoplasty is performed in a few different ways. An artificial membrane may be surgically inserted or a flap of vaginal lining may be used to recreate the hymen.  Whatever your personal reasons are, UroGyn Specialists of Florida performs hymenoplasty procedures.


Perhaps you’ve heard the term “vaginal rejuvenation” before. ThermiVa is the latest cosmetic gynecological procedure that gives you a feeling of rejuvenation. It’s also getting a lot of attention. Perhaps the biggest reason why more and more women are opting for ThermiVa treatment is because it’s nonsurgical. This is a great option for potential patients who may not qualify for surgical procedures or who don’t want to undergo surgery. ThermiVa is an in-office procedure that is performed across three different sessions. A controlled radiofrequency energy produces a gentle amount of heat that is applied to the vaginal region being treated. The heat causes a tightening and lifting of different vaginal areas including the labia and laxity. Other than countering looseness, the procedure also reduces vaginal dryness, atrophy, urinary leakage, and orgasmic dysfunction.

Prior to ThermiVa, one couldn’t undergo a single, simple procedure to treat a wide variety of vaginal issues. They would all need to be treated individually and, more often than not, surgically. An added benefit is the reduced cost of not needing surgery and not having to worry about recovery time.


Whether you’re looking for traditional gynecological services or cosmetic gynecology treatments, UroGyn Specialists of Florida have the experience to provide you with the best care. If you are interested in going over the options available to you, contact us today and set up an appointment. Together, we’ll come up with the care you need to live your best life.